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Guest Artist SAHANA is visiting our studio from 15 - 20th Nov 2018

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2nd International Goa Tattoo Festival

13-15 Jan 2017
Goa, India

Our artist Mik won the best oriental tattoo in the 2nd International Tattoo Festival in Goa

2nd Int Heart-Work Tattoo Festival

2-4 Dec 2016
Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi

Our artist Mik won the best oriental tattoo in the 2nd International Tattoo Festival in New Delhi

5th Nepal Tattoo Convention

24 - 26 April 2015
Katmundu, Nepal

Our artist won the best colour Tattoo in the 5nd International Nepal Tattoo Convention in Katmundu.

INK IT Tattoo Convention, Kolkata

24 - 1st May 2014
Kolkata India

Our Artist won the best colour Tattoo at Season 2 of Kolkata Tattoo Convention.

News / Review

Very professional but extremely friendly

Amazing place, very professional but extremely friendly. They make you feel comfortable, welcomed and immediately put you to ease. They guide you during the whole process, Sid was very kind and made me feel at home, got me an amazing meal. Though it was my first time but I felt a connection and became friends easily. Looking forward very soon to seeing you guys again as well as getting another ink soon.

The artist knew what she was doing and took my inputs too

I already had six tattoos and for my seventh, I thought of changing my artist. I dug this place out from LBB and after a lot of thinking and rethinking, thought of giving this place a try. Though it is tucked away in a corner, the inside gives you an amazingly calm vibe. The tattoo room is extremely clean and hygienic and it's by far the best place I have ever seen for tattooing in Kolkata. And as far as my tattoo goes, it couldn't have come out more perfect. The artist knew what she was doing and took my inputs too. They gave me quite simple instructions for aftercare and after a month my tattoo looks exactly like I wanted it to be.

Calcutta ink tattoo studio be the ideal tattoo studio

One stop for any tattoo design. The most important thing as per my understanding is capturing the expectation of the person who wants to get the tattoo and the design has to match those expectations. Calcutta ink tattoo studio just nailed it. Very hygienic and great atmosphere. Also the people here consult your properly. Unlike other places where they hardly care to ask. A professional place with a friendly touch.